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Principal's Message


We are excited to welcome our students and parents back for the new school year and to greet others to our school community for the first time. Our school has a tradition of success that has resulted in us being a California Distinguished School that has been recognized as one of the top schools in the nation with a consistently high graduation rate among the highest in San Diego County.  As the new principal of Valley Center High School, I can tell you firsthand that our school’s commitment to excellence and student success will continue.

Our mission is to teach students to become strong, confident individuals who take pride in
contributing to their community and are able to demonstrate achievement of our Schoolwide Learning Outcomes.  Every student at Valley Center High School is on a path to graduate prepared for college and careers by developing as community participants​, critical thinkers, effective communicators​, and goal setters.  We have met with parents, students, and staff to identify specific goals in the areas of student achievement, school climate, and parent communication. Over the course of the year, you will be invited to work with us as we monitor our progress in these areas.

It is our belief that a student who is connected to our school campus will be successful academically while also developing socially. With the incredible support of our community, our staff, and our students, we have built successful programs on campus in the areas of academics, performing and visual arts, athletics, and career and technical education.  These programs provide a shared experience for every student to connect and contribute to the school community.  Our school prides itself on a positive and welcoming environment where all students can be included.  This is supported by our Associated Student Body and the many events they provide for our students and from the many clubs we have on campus that unite students with similar interests.  Every 9th grade student experiences a true welcome through our Nine-Time program where they can learn about the building blocks of success and how to apply them at high school. This year students will be working on developing knowledge of personal finance to make informed decisions after graduation.  They will have new opportunities to receive college credit through dual enrollment courses and be able to receive industry certifications in many of our career and technical education offerings.  Our many programs, events, and clubs allow students to work side by side, learn from one another, and become active participants in the positive development of the culture on their campus uniting Valley Center High School as a welcoming and safe place where all students can learn and grow.

Whether it be success in mathematics, competition on the field, learning a new language, able to save the life of another with CPR certification, or developing skills towards a career in Culinary Arts.  Valley Center High School provides a rich and balanced education for our students’ futures.  My vision is for us to consistently demonstrate our commitment to excellence and show how much we care through our expectations for our students. From the first day of school through the last day of school, you and your children will know, “Excellence is in the air at Valley Center High School!”  From the day our high school opened its doors to our current 21st year, we continue to celebrate what makes our school and community so unique and so special, that together we unite as, “One Town, One Team, One Dream.”


Mark Hailwood

Principal - Valley Center High School